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Beeing "V"ictorious at Gallery V Fine Arts

Gallery V Fine Arts has won the "Face of Fine Art" for the fourth consecutive year in a row in the Faces of Kansas City Awards. A celebration yet again, a consecutive win for the gallery!

The owner, Valerie Phillips, has over 20 years of art & design history. She represents over 30 professional established artists. Gallery V not only stands for Valeries first initial but also is representative of the roman numeral along with symbolic for the five senses in which we experience the world. Ms. Phillips has a variety of media, sculpture, glass, ceramics, jewelry & more. Her doors open to those that seek beauty, form and grace.

"Three Poppies for the Queen" - 3 - 35" x 35" x 2" Mixed-Media Paintings by Diane Naylor

Gallery V Fine Arts shows my most current bee paintings with style & grace. Her undeniable sense of design and taste has proven once again a winner for Kansas City. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a prestigious gallery to represent my artwork.

Come see the success stories of previous years here & soon the new issue of

435 Magazine will splash this years news in their August Issue of 2019.

To see my works within her lovely gallery come to this link:

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