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On the River at MaggieBlack LLC in Galena, IL

The charming river-town of Galena, Illinois is rich in history as it was the home of Ulysses S. Grant and eight other Civil War generals. Galena was named after the mineral "galena" that was mined by the native american's for the lead ore that was used in their ancient burial practices. It was founded by the French in 1690 and settled in 1823. This river-town was known as the largest steamboat hub north of St. Louis back in the day. Today, the city is a tourist destination known for its history, architecture, and resorts. As you enter the gates and meander down main street of this historic city you will find everything from boutiques, chocolatiers, hat shops to fine dining. Maggie Black LCC is one of the many precious gems you will find on your journey.

From design planning, finish & material selection, color consultation, collectable art, furniture, lighting & accessories, the owner, Cara Price has 27 years of experience in the trade. Both Cara & her husband (artist) Tim create ambiance with both style & grace. Their well mannered, multi-colored setter, Percy, will great you at the door.

Cara's Great Great Grandfather came over from Ireland married Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick Black and the Maggie Black LLC was named after their daughter (Cara's great grandmother) "Maggie" who settled in the area by covered wagon. The ambience of Maggie Black has the feeling of the ol' west combined with tre-chic artwork. From classic fox & hound items to pendleton blankets, their winding staircase is covered by colorful candle holders in a myriad of crayola colors.

My artwork caught the eye of Cara and are now all the buzz at her lovely gallery. From the bee paintings to the woodland animal series, items are now for purchase at the MaggieBlack LLC on Galena's Main Street at 116 South Main. Make it your destination to discover this enchanting area. Come visit, shop and feast your eyes in delight at Maggie Black's.

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