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Blue Giraffe Wins by a Neck...

News Flash...2020 is only hindsight for The Blue Giraffe of Inlet Beach, Fl,

Winner of 2021's Best Art Gallery.

Life is good for The Blue Giraffe. However, being in business for 10 years as a mother-daughter co-owned business, Debbie & Christi have earned the good life in the gulf. With a plethora of colorful and delightful items from jewelry to artwork of all kinds, an endless amount of time and shopping for gifts awaits the discerning client.

Inspired by the turquoise waters of the serene gulf in the 30A region, I created a new series from God's perspective where the ocean meets the land or what most think of as a birds eye view of the beach. You are always welcome to visit my pup's website to see the reality of this beach paradise area of Rosemary Beach thats only a hop skip and a dip from Inlet Beach where The Blue Giraffe resides.

Click onto photo to sea more of Buffa & Gigi.

Recently, after visiting this colorful & inspiring gallery, I was approached by one of the owners and was given the fortunate gift to be chosen to be amongst the many privileged artists to be in their stable. My new series, being born last year in my studio of oils & resin mix, was looking for a gallery to dive into with its fresh look of turquoise gulf water- meets the beach in a lush texture of color, it's a perfect mix that will brighten any home or business.

Candy Umbrellas by Diane Naylor 46" x 28" x 2" Mixed-Media Oils & Resin on Panel. Click onto painting.

It is a coincidence that my paintings are similar to the "splash" on the cover of South Walton Florida's Perfect in South Walton 2021 issue, but it isn't a coincidence that The Blue Giraffe has won Best Gallery 2021 as they have won multiple awards over the years. Their hard work and fun loving attitude has brought them to the winners circle. Being in existence since September of 2010 in Watercolor and transitioning to Inlet Beach in 2020, The Blue Giraffe has had a decade of creativity that has given both artists and clients a beautiful place for a go to in design and excellence. This mother-daughter team has brought joy to many a home through their gallery. Walking into this gallery, you are greeted, not pressured, to enjoy everything from wall to wall with a plethora of colorful items to choose from.

Click onto the above photo to see more of Perfect in South Walton 2021 issue.

The Blue Giraffe has a belief system that we could all live by...

In the goodness of people...

Hugs and smiles are the best medicine

A good book opens up entire worlds to those who read

Family means everything

Kindness and respect should be given to all beings-furry ones, too

Being creative is good for the soul

In looking at the sunny side of things

Friendships are a true blessing

Voltaire nailed it when he said, “Writing is the painting of the voice.”

It is good to color outside the lines

Listening is more important than talking

The beach imparts peace and joy

God can be seen in Nature

Love can heal all things.

You're Not Alone by Diane Naylor 45" x 28" x 2" Mixed-Media Oils & Resin on Panel. Click onto painting.

The location of Inlet Beach sits at the eastern end of 30A, and it maintains the walkable approach of the rest of the highway. Park at 30Avenue, where you can get out and stretch your legs before enjoying high-end shopping, fine dining, and pristine landscaping. This upcoming area is easily accessed on U.S. Highway 98, at the east end of 30A near Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Come visit via the web or take a beach vacation that will delight your senses and shop at the spectacular venue of The Blue Giraffe.

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