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Bee Kind, Bee Cause, Books that Inspire...

How many times have you given a dozen flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or event only to have them wilt after a period of time. I've created a dozen roses (rose and bee paintings) in "Bee Cause",that will last much longer than the roses you send for occasions that are of love, friendship or just "Bee Cause". It gives you reason to give & grow as flower in sunshine when watered with love.

The new black today is to "Bee Kind", the greatest fad to come that God supports. This little book is filled with a dozen buzzing bees with tulips to inspire both young and old alike. Come take a look and bee dazzled. Click onto the blue "blurb" icon below to take you to the books. You can preview the books to see my paintings coupled with inspirational quotes. Gift the gift of kindness, love and inspiration.

"Be nice to people...maybe it'll be unappreciated, unreciprocated, or ignored, but spread the love anyway. We rise by lifting others." - Germany Kent